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Why take diabetes medications?

Many people, including those with diabetes, have chemical imbalances in their bodies that, if left untreated, will have a negative impact on their health and possibly the quality of their life. Fortunately, there are a wide range of medicines that are designed to restore these imbalances and, by doing so, promote health.

People with diabetes have problems breaking down the foods they eat into glucose, which the body needs to fuel itself. This is the result of their inability to either make enough insulin, use what they make effectively, or simply make any insulin at all. As a result, people with diabetes often have to take medicine to correct these problems.

In addition, many people with diabetes also have trouble with the fat levels in their blood and with their blood pressure.

Fortunately, there are many very effective medications that can correct these problems — if you take them.

So, why should you take them?

Well, the reality is that if you let your blood sugar get and stay too high, you run the risk of developing serious eye disease that can leave you blind, kidney disease that can make you have to have dialysis, nerve disease that can result in amputations and erectile dysfunction, and heart disease that can result in stroke, heart attack, and death.

The simple concept is that medicines only can help you if you take them. Just like any out-of-balance system, you can restore more normal functioning if you replace the imbalances in your body’s chemistry.

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