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Taking Medications Info Sheet

“I don’t like taking medicines.  I don’t feel it is a good idea to take artificial substances into my body.”

These sentences express the feelings of some people.  As a result, many decide to not take medicines that their provider feels would benefit their health.  Why should you take medicine?

  • Not all medicines are unnatural.  For many people, the medicine is replacing a natural substance that their body does not make properly.  For these people, taking a medicine is the only way to restore the chemical balance in their body. For example, insulin is a naturally occurring hormone.  Some people either make too little or none at all.  Such people benefit from either taking pills that help them to produce sufficient amounts of insulin, or by adding insulin by injection.
  • For some people, the consequences of not taking a medicine are very serious and possibly life threatening.  Taking certain medicines can greatly improve your health and possibly save or prolong your life.  For example, taking daily aspirin, a substance that does naturally occur in your body, has been shown to significantly reduce your risk for stroke and heart attack.
  • Some people think taking herbal or other forms of “natural” medicines is better for you than medicines from a pharmacy.  It is important to remember that “natural” medicines also contain chemicals and agents that can have a strong impact on your body.  They are, however, not regulated or check for the possibility that they may be harmful.  Also, they can be more expensive than regular medicines used for the same purpose.  Finally, many of the medicines form the pharmacy are in fact based on naturally occurring elements.

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