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So I have diabetes. It’s not a big deal. After all, there’s medicine to treat it now.

Would you say the same thing about asthma? Epilepsy? Osteoporosis? No! Like these conditions, diabetes is a chronic disease that you will have for the rest of your life. How you choose to treat your diabetes (or not) has a vital impact on how long that life will be.

While there are medications to help you manage your diabetes, it is a disease that affects the way your body digests and uses food, which is a very big deal. Because of this major effect on your entire physical system, diabetes medication is only part of the equation – you also have to eat healthily, test your blood sugar regularly, and exercise.

This disease can be expensive, affect your ability to work, place an emotional burden on you and your family, and, if unmanaged, will cause serious complications, like heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, erectile dysfunction, and limb amputation.

Does it sound like a big deal now?

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