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Side Effects Risk Info Sheet

Will I Have Side Effects?

You have probably heard about side effects that someone you know experienced when they took a drug that your doctor wants you to take.  You may also have heard about side effects while listening to television or radio commercials.  Hearing this can be scary.

What is important to remember is everyone is different; one person may have side effects while another may not.  Some side effects, especially ones mentioned in advertisements are extremely rare. They are only mentioned because the law says that companies must disclose all possible side effects, no matter how small the chances that they will be experienced.

The chances are that the drugs you have been prescribed will do you more good than side effects will cause you harm.  The wise choice is to try the medication and see if you will in fact experience any side effects.  You may not!

If you experience any side effects, you should contact your health care provider.  It is important to make sure your provider knows about your side effects.  He or she may have alternatives that will reduce or eliminate any side effects you might experience.  You can also ask your pharmacist about side effects and ways you can help to reduce or control them.  What is important is that you should always talk to your doctor before you stop taking any medicine.  Stopping may cause you more harm than the side effect.

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