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What role does water play in my diabetic care plan?

Most of us carry a water bottle with us when we exercise, whether it is going for a walk or working out in the gym. Water is important for a variety of reasons, and not just for exercise, especially for those with diabetes.

Proper hydration promotes:

1) Kidney function – assists in flushing out toxins and waste products
2) Stabilization of blood pressure – low pressure contributes to dizziness and falls
3) Dilution of sugars in the blood, so that dehydration-related hyperglycemia does not occur
4) Transport of sugar as fuel, and the insulin to utilize it
5) Bowel function – dehydration contributes to constipation
6) Lower risk for ketoacidosis – toxic state caused by use of body fat as fuel
7) Better circulation to the extremities

Water supports many body systems and is a key element in any healthy eating plan. Talk to your doctor about how much water you need each day, and then grab a bottle “to go.”

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