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My doctor said I’ll need to see a couple of different types of specialists to control my diabetes and handle some of the problems that come along with the disease. What kinds of specialists will I need to see and why?

There are four main types of doctors that people with diabetes typically consult, including endocrinologists, ophthalmologists or optometrists and podiatrists. Endocrinologists specialize in caring for those with diseases of the organs or glands that secrete hormones- like insulin. Problems with the vision and the eyes can result from poor blood sugar control, so people with diabetes may also consult ophthalmologists or optometrists. Both types of eye doctors can examine, diagnose and treat eye diseases, but only the ophthalmologist can perform surgical procedures on the eye. Finally, many people with diabetes experience problems with their feet and toes, for which they consult a podiatrist, who specializes in problems of the feet.

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