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Once a diabetic, always a diabetic?

Someone living with diabetes can lose a bunch of weight, eat right, and get their numbers in control, and as such, they have no signs or symptoms of diabetes but, like everyone, they could slip right back into those bad numbers if they do not maintain their lifestyle and medication behaviors.

For Type 1 diabetes, you always have Type 1 diabetes, and its managed with medication and lifestyle.

For Type 2 diabetes, however, some people may do so well with lifestyle change that their healthcare provider may remove medications from their management regimen, and this may go well. If so, are these patients still diabetics, are they living with diabetes?

It really doesn’t matter:

You know, whether you want to say you are no longer diabetic, or are living with diabetes, etc, based on the fact that you don’t need meds and have good numbers, is really fairly irrelevant word play. In the end, you have had signs and symptoms of diabetes, you have them under control (good job!), and you are at risk for them to re-occur if you don’t continue what you are doing…

So called yourself cured or call yourself a recovering diabetic, just keep your diet and exercise in line, and see your doc regularly!

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