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How is diabetes managed?

1) Healthy eating: Why Eat Right?

If you have diabetes, you will quickly learn that how you eat can have a significant impact on your ability to control your glucose. Certain foods will really elevate your glucose and make it hard to control your diabetes. Naturally, you want to avoid large amounts of concentrated sugars, but you should also try to reduce how much fat you consume. People with diabetes often have trouble metabolizing fats, which can contribute to heart disease, the number one killer of people with diabetes. Follow a few simple tips: 1) try to eat a balanced diet that includes, proteins, grains, fruit and vegetables and dairy products, 2) Enjoy your food but eat less if you want to keep your weight in check, 3) Think about your dinner plate and try to achieve the following: Make half your plate fruits and vegetables, the other half grains and protein.

2) Exercise: Why exercise?

Being active offers huge benefits to everyone, especially persons with diabetes. Physical activity boosts your entire system, and it can:

  1. lower blood glucose and blood pressure
  2. lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol
  3. improve your body’s ability to use insulin
  4. lower your risk for heart disease and stroke
  5. keep your heart and bones strong
  6. keep your joints flexible
  7. lower your risk of falling
  8. help you lose weight
  9. reduce your body fat
  10. give you more energy
  11. reduce your stress levels

Very small changes in your weight can have an enormously positive impact in your metabolic status. You don’t have to lose enough weight to get into your prom dress.

Being active and losing weight are both valuable. So if you become more active and aren’t losing weight, your body may still be benefitting; the same goes for losing weight without being active. Remember, though, that if weight loss is your goal, you must make diet changes, too.

3) Medication

4) Monitoring

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