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As a Type 2 diabetic, you’re going to struggle with food choices pretty much non-stop. When you are first diagnosed, it feels like you can’t eat anything!

Unless you are taking insulin, you’re going to have to watch what you eat closely. “Eating by your meter” is what a lot of Type 2′s call it. If what you ate causes you to have blood glucose readings over 140 two hours after your meal, you better reconsider whether that is a food you can eat.

I generally eat breakfast at home and dinner seems to be easier if you’re eating out. I generally have eggs, cottage cheese, or bacon for breakfast. Dinner just seems to be easy as well: a lean meat and some veggies, hold the potatoes. Most restaurants will let you substitute the veggie of the day for the potato.

Lunch, on the other hand, is harder. I’ve never been one to pack my lunch and I rarely take a full hour for lunch, so I was in the habit of hitting the fast food places for lunch. When you are a Type 2, you begin to notice that very few menu items at fast food joints don’t include bread, potatoes, fries, pasta or some combination of the above.

Your meter will tell you if you can tolerate any of the above, but if you are like me, you most likely need to avoid those types of food choices.

Over time, I’ve come to learn a few things I can do to allow me to still grab a quick lunch at a fast food place.


1.) Salad – learn to love ‘em. I’ve yet to see a fast food place that doesn’t offer some sort of salad. Usually you can get grilled chicken with them as well. Granted, some of those fast food salads can be a little nasty, but they are generally safe. Just watch the dressings! Some dressings contain ridiculous amount of sugar. I tend to stick to ranch, blue cheese or vinaigrettes, as they tend to low carb.

2.) Skip the Fries, ditch the bun. Wendy’s will allow you to substitute a side salad or chili or fruit for the fries in the combo meals. I’d watch the fruit, it usually comes in a syrup (another word for SUGAR!). Sometimes, I’ll order a double with cheese and a side salad. I’ll eat my salad first and then lose the bun, put the remains of my burger in my salad bowl and use my fork to eat it. It’s low carb and it’s a whole lot easier to eat a bunless burger out of a bowl rather than to try and eat it with your fingers. Lot less messy too.

3.) Give the Colonel a try. KFC might not be known as a health food place, and lord knows I wouldn’t recommend a mashed potato bowl to a Type 2 diabetic, but you CAN eat at a KFC, I do it all the time. Order an original recipe chicken breast one piece meal. You get two side dish choices with that, I get grean beans for both of them as the other alternative aren’t good for me (mac and cheese, potato wedges, cole slaw -it has a fair amount of sugar added or corn.) The corn isn’t too terrible, but I try to avoid it. Ask them to skip the biscuit and you take the skin off the chicken. Voila! A lean chicken breast with veggies.

4.) Hit the deli counter at you local grocery store. Many grocery stores still have salad bars. Load yourself up with healthy choices and hit the road.

5.) Chili – You can get chili at many fast food places. You’ll need to test to find out how good a choice chili is for you. The beans have a decent amount of carbs, but are also high in fiber so they might OK for you. The biggest problem with chili is that some recipes will add a lot of…. you guessed it, sugar.

That pretty much sums up the lunch options I’ve discovered so far. If you have a favorite Type 2 friendly fast food lunch you’d like to share, leave a comment below.

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