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Diabetes Medical Alerts

Without question, Type 1 Diabetics should wear some sort of medical alert bracelet or necklace at all times. Type 2′s on insulin should as well. The dangers of going low, or hypo, are just too great and you see news stories all the time of hypo diabetics being confused for a drunk and not given the medical attention that is so important during a hypo.

Non insulin-using Type 2′s however often feel they don’t need to wear a medical alert.

I wear a dog-tag style necklace identifying myself as a diabetic for a couple of reasons:

1.) I frequently travel alone. If I were mugged and knocked unconscious in a distant city, it could literally be days (or never) before I was identified and a family member familiar with my medical history could be contacted.

2.) You don’t need to be a med student to know that the very FIRST thing they will do if you are taken to a hospital is insert…. a glucose IV.

Now, they are probably going to insert a glucose IV even if you are conscious and ask them not to, it’s just what they do. If you are very persuasive and have a competent ER doc, you might be able to convince them to use a saline IV instead. If you are unconscious, they will definitely use a glucose drip.

Without a medical ID, the hospital staff would have no way of knowing that they need to monitor your blood glucuse and possibly administer insulin. If you’re out for a few hours, it will probably be “no harm done”. But what if said mugger whacked you over the head hard enough to put you in a coma for a day, or two, or a week? Or you broke your jaw in a car accident and couldn’t talk or… fill in your worst case scenario here.

Bottom line, if you’re diabetic you need to wear some sort of ID. A wallet card isn’t enough.

You can find reasonably priced and attractive medical alerts options at American Medical ID

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