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Amber, 12, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009 when she was nine. She has used her experience with diabetes as a personal journey of education and empowerment for herself and others… Watch Videos »


At first, Carlos couldn’t get it through his head that he had diabetes; he describes wanting to do what he wanted to do, regardless of how it would affect his health… Watch Videos »


Dave’s initial response was to “freak out” and enter, as he describes it, a state of bewilderment and shame… Watch Videos »


Donald describes his diagnosis as “shocking” with an adjustment period that was very difficult and a life change… Watch Videos »


Elizabeth describes her life with diabetes as a daily – sometimes hourly — balancing act… Watch Videos »


Gene is a very unusual case in that he solely uses lifestyle approach to manage his diabetes. He considers himself an old-fashioned guy who doesn’t like taking many pills… Watch Videos »


Despite the odds, Jessica has two children and keeps a positive attitude about treating her diabetes so that she can continue to care for her children… Watch Videos »


Luke is quiet about his diabetes with both his parents and his friends… Watch Videos »


Orvie speaks about the challenges facing Native American populations regarding Diabetes… Watch Videos »


Priscilla speaks openly about her struggles with diabetes, depression, and finding treatment that worked for her… Watch Videos »


Sarah felt cheated by her diagnosis because, in her words, she had done “everything right…” Watch Videos »


Zac is at a pivotal stage with his diabetes management. He is about to graduate from high school and will be moving out of his parents’ home… Watch Videos »

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