Diabetes is hard. But it can be managed.

You may feel like the situation you are dealing with is unique. It’s not. Most people face very similar challenges and issues. What issue(s) are troubling you?

Concerns About the Future

A diabetes diagnosis can bring up many concerns, fears, and worries about the future. If you’re having thoughts like this, you are not alone. Learn More »

Coping with Diagnosis

You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. You might be filled with strong emotions. You might even be relieved that you have an explanation for the way that you’ve been feeling. Learn More »

Dealing with Diet

Packing snacks, carrying glucose tabs, timing your meals and snacks right… there are so many ways to take great care of yourself with your diet. Learn More »

Maintaining Mental Health

Maintaining your mental health will positively affect every other action you take to manage your diabetes. Learn More »

Engaging in Exercise

As a person with diabetes, exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body. Learn More »

Managing Medication

Medicines only can help you if you take them. Learn More »

Monitoring Glucose

Glucose testing is one of your best allies in your diabetes management. Learn More »

Support Systems & Social Issues

There are ways to help educate your family and friends about diabetes and, even more importantly, about the specific support you need and want from them. Learn More »

Dealing with Health Care Providers

Talking to your doctor makes a huge difference in your metabolic status and your quality of life. Learn More »

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