Diabetes Agent is being developed by a team of researchers, people living with diabetes, healthcare providers, and experts of all shapes and sizes. With support from the National Institutes of Health, the Diabetes Agent project wants to make it a lot easier to manage your diabetes.

Diabetes Agent will provide tools to interactively, on the spot, right then and there, when you need it most, manage your healthcare visits, your medications, and your diabetes! Track. Prepare. Record. Manage. Learn. Do. Your Diabetes. Under Control.

Manage Healthcare Visits!
We’ve all had the experience of going to an appointment and forgetting to bring something, or forgetting what the doctor says while we are there, or forgetting to ask that one question your really meant to ask, or, even forgetting about the appointment entirely! Diabetes Agent will help by making it easy to record, track, and access what you need to know about your diabetes, when you need to know it!

Track and Prepare for and Debrief from Appointments
We always forget things. What was it I wanted to ask the doc? Argh, I forgot my log and my meter. Not anymore. We help you prepare for your appointment, creating a checklist of things to take with you and the things you wanted to talk about.


Manage Medications!
Medication adherence, taking prescribed medications exactly how they are prescribed, is an extremely important part of diabetes management BUT it can be easy to fall off the medication adherence wagon.Ever forget to fill a prescription, or to take your meds? Are you sometimes not sure if you should be taking a medication? Worried about side effects? Experiencing a side effect? Not sure if a medication is working? Have you ever not taken your medication for any reason whatsoever? Diabetes Agent will help you overcome some of the most common barriers to solid medication management of your diabetes.


      • Overcome the top 10 reasons people fail to take their medications
      • Learn the whys and wherefores of all your medications
      • Set up reminders
      • Communicate more effectively with your healthcare providers about medications and your concerns and questions.

Diabetes Agent: The Team

Diabetes Agent is the brainchild of Richard Goldsworthy, PhD, Director, Research and Development, Academic Edge, Inc. and David Marrero, PhD, Director, Diabetes Translational Research Center @ Indiana University. They rely on the experiences and expertise of a large array of subject matter experts, healthcare providers, and consumers.

Let them know if you would like to participate in the DiabetesAgent project!

Academic Edge Inc.Learning. Teaching. Doing. Done Right. Academic Edge, Inc. creates state-of-the-art learning tools for children and adults. We focus on health related issues with a particular emphasis on the social aspects of health care: why do people do the things they do and how can we help them live healthier, happier, or more productive lives? For more information about Academic Edge, including our many other public health related research efforts, visit www.academicedge.com »

Diabetes Translation Research Center: Indiana University School of Medicine
Making a difference in Diabetes Prevention and Management. Diabetes Translation Research Center seeks to understand and improve the delivery of diabetes care in real-world settings. Diabetes diagnosis is increasing at an alarming rate, a rate not nearly matched by our ability to prevent and manage the disease. DTRC is at the forefront of addressing this gap in real-world prevention and management. For more information, visit the DTRC »

National Institutes of Health
Supported in part by Challenge Grant #1RC1LM010484-01 from the National Library of Medicine, a part of the National Institutes.

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